Can I Get Rich Quick Online?

The short answer is, NO…

Just the cold hard fact that you need to be aware of. when it comes to building an online business. Many people that want to be successful, and make money online, never actually achieve that success.

It’s not from want of trying either, it’s mainly because they don’t take the time they should, to really build their business. They instead, get caught in the ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’ trap!

Shiny Object Syndrome

Please don’t start your online business journey thinking that you’ll be financially free in just a few short months…

…I hope I can save you from finding out the hard way, that this will lead to nothing but frustration and failure!

When it doesn’t happen you’ll jump to another business, with the same mindset, and a few months later when that hasn’t worked, you’ll jump to another and so on and so on…

This is what is meant by, ‘The Shiny Object Syndrome’. It becomes a vicious cycle until you finally give up and never achieve success…


The Real Secret To Success Online

The real secret is to find a business and stick with it. I’m talking about a real business. not one of those “here today, gone tomorrow” opportunities. Work on it, build it, brand it and market it, in every way possible. That includes the all important email list…

….Your greatest asset!

Choose Your Path - 6 Fundamentals For Make Money Online Newbies

Use your passion and your knowledge of something, that is already a part of your life, and help people learn the lessons that you’ve already learned! If you really don’t have anything worth sharing, take time to learn about a subject that interests you. Then teach everything you learn to your audience, in your own style and character.

…You are your USP so be yourself!

There are online success stories, and you can be one of them!

Don’t Give Up!

The reality is, it’s likely going to take you a few years to achieve your success. Anyone successful, If they’re honest, will tell you it has taken them years to get there.

There’s no formula, program or traffic source, that will change your life. They are just tools you will need to move your business forward. Understand that you’ll have really good days, and that you’ll have really bad days, but whatever you do, just don’t give up.

You’ll probably have more bad days than good days when you first start out, and your family and friends will likely tell you to get a ‘proper job’ 🙄… but you can do this!

Just Believe!



I’d be lying if I told you it was easy, it isn’t…

…However, I assure you, that if you stick with it, it’ll be worth it in the end!

tracyQ 🥰